To the reader,

The material on this site results from a work in progress since about 1991. The core concepts presented herein represent the author’s own original thinking and conclusions based on a background of education and experience in geology and practical experience in marine geophysics. The conclusions and suggested dynamic mechanisms are based on a combination of personal computer modeling and a study of published literature in Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library at La Jolla, Calif.

As is true in most areas of science, my literature searches revealed that others had visited many of the same areas of thought, and reached similar conclusions in certain areas, but, no author appears to have combined the presently available knowledge into a tectonic hypothesis based on the laws of physics, knowledge of our solar system, and solid geological principles.

A principal deterrent to past authors in reaching sound conclusions when synthesizing otherwise excellent research, was a failure to recognize the fundamental role that gravity plays in a rotationally decelerating Earth.

I firmly believe that the fundamental concepts related to the effects of gravity stemming from Earth’s deceleration will withstand all scrutiny and lead to great advances in Earth Science.


June 20, 2007